Many people are concerned about their privacy and the security of their data "tracks" while they browse the web - and rightfully so!

On this website there is no sniffing and spying and no prying eyes.

A few things to remember:

All listings here are sold through affiliate partners, mostly
As soon as you click a link, everything is strictly between you and the seller.
We do not even know if you purchase something or not.

A so-called "cookie" is stored by your webbrowser when you click one of the links on our website. The only purpose of that piece of information is that Ebay or Amazon know the visitor is sent from our website - so in case you order something or win an auction, we will get a few cents of commission. Hope you don't mind - it does not cost you anything extra, and we get a few dimes to pay for webhosting and more content (which again will be for your benefit, for free!)

If you decide to subscribe to our newsletter, your email address will be used ONLY for that newsletter and nothing else. You can unsubcribe at any time, and will never again hear from us. And we promise to keep your data as safe as technically possible and NEVER give away / rent / or otherwise make your data available to any third party.

In case you have questions or concerns, use the contact page to send us your questions!

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