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    Why we created this website for pipe smokers and collectors? Because we wanted an easy and comfortable way to hunt down our favorite estate pipes on Ebay! And you can save a lot of time and money here!
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    Weekly pipe smokers newsletter with hot picks on ebay (estate pipe bargains!), tips, tricks, and useful stuff for briar enthusiasts!
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  • High Profile
    So you are a collector of fine pipes? Or a smoker who just loves to take a sip from a fine, exclusive piece of art? Here we have some above-average listings for you!
  • Cheap Pipes < $1
    Overlooked estate pipe auctions, cheap standard pipes that are great for everyday smoking or for beginners... Starting price from $ 0.01 - here you get a lot of smoke for your bucks!
  • Cheap Pipes < $10
    Overlooked estate pipe auctions, cheap standard pipes that are great for everyday smoking or for beginners... Starting price 1 - 10 Dollars - here you get a lot of smoke for your bucks!
  • Churchwarden Pipes
    Long-stemmed churchwarden pipes give a unique smooth and cool smoking experience. Some love them - some hate them. In any case: here you can buy the best!
  • Baldo Baldi Pipes
    Baldo Baldi - unconventional and highly sought after collectors pipes. If there are any available - you will find them on our auction listing page!
  • Barling Pipes
    Barling pipes - very British, very good. And some bargains on auction on our site!
  • Ben Wade Pipes
    From Danish pipe maker Ben Wade come some of the finest estate pipes you will ever encounter. And most of them you will find listed on our auction site.
  • Boswell Pipes
    Boswell smoking pipes are not the most overpriced pieces of art, but great pipes at reasonable prices. Made in America, btw. Listings here...
  • Brakner Antique Pipes
    Rare and unique danish masterpieces. A Must for every pipesmoker, IF you ever get to see (or even buy) one!
  • Butz Choquin Pipes
    Butz Choquin - unusual pipes, but some mainstream bowls as well. Usually very good quality at reasonable price. Get your vintage Butz here!
  • Castello Pipes
    Castello - great smoking pipes from Italy. Get your estate pipe for cheap on our site!
  • Charatan Pipes
    It is a rare occasion you get your hands (and lips) on a real Charatan vintage pipe. Grab the opportunity!
  • Comoy pipes
    A Comoy estate pipe is one hell of an addition to your briar collection! Check here if there are any of them up for sale right now...
  • Dr. Grabow Pipes
    Dr. Grabow estate pipes: cheap, sturdy, easy to smoke. Great beginners pipes!
  • Dunhill Pipes
    Dunhill is better known for fine cigarettes and tobacco - but there are also quite a few remarkable pipes from that brand. Get yours here!
  • Jess Chonowitsch Pipes
    Jess Chonowitsch is one of the most venerated pipe makers. Rightfully so. Usually rather expensive pieces of art, but well worth it. Get yours here!
  • Kaywoodie Pipes
    Kaywoodie Pipes are a mid-range US brand of smoking pipes. Reasonably priced, good value for money. Estate pipes preferred - therefore you can find used Kaywoodies here!
  • Kei'ichi Gotoh Pipes
    KEI'ICHI GOTOH is one of the most distinct pipe makers of today. Be happy if you get the chance to own one of his exclusively crafted pieces of art!
  • Kent Rasmussen Pipes
    Danish pipes from famous pipemaker Kent Rasmussen. Rare and usually of exceptionally, organic beauty. Up for sale or auction here!
  • Lorenzo Pipes
    Lorenzo is known for quite a few unusual pipes, like the giant "Ohm Paul" hangers... find some great Lorenzo bargains on our site!
  • Meerschaum Pipes
    Meerschaum pipes - you love them or hate them... but any pipe smoker should have at least one of them in his collection. They are great for trying new tobaccos!
  • Peter Heding Pipes
    Peter Heding - another legendary pipemaker. Most pipes from his capable hands are unique masterpieces and located at the upper end of the price range... still collectors crave to get their hands on one. Here you will find one! (or even two...)
  • Peterson Pipes
    Peterson, the Irish pipe makers and tobacco blenders, provide great value pipes for smokers as well as exclusive collectors pipes. We show you the bargains!
  • Poul Rasmussen Pipes
    Danish collector pipes from pipemaker legend Poul Rasmussen. Rare and unique. Up for sale or auction here!
  • Poul Winslow Pipes
    Pipemaker legend Poul Winslow needs no introduction. Be happy if you can grab one of these!
  • Preben Holm Pipes
    Finest Danish pipe art. By Preben Holm. Sometimes there is one unique vintage pipe for sale. Find it here!
  • Sasieni Pipes
    Reasonably priced British, errrr, ENGLISH pipes by Sasieni. Great smoking pipes, but also a few collector pipes of high value!
  • Savinelli Pipes
    From Italian pipemakers Savinelli come many "ordinary" quality pipes for active smokers - as well as some very rare vintage pipes for the collector and treasure hunter in you!
  • Stanwell Pipes
    Stanwell pipes are known for their quality and offer great value. There are standard pipes as well as many skillfully and creatively shaped ones. Pick your Stan!
  • Tom Eltang Pipes
    Another popular (and not just popular, but capable!) Danish Pipe carver. Tom Eltang. Any listings below? Then hurry and hit that "bid"-button. There are not tooo many...
  • W.O. Larsen Pipes
    A "classic" among the pipe manufacturers - W.O. Larsen. Danish quality pipes, mid price range, usually great quality. Get a great vintage pipe for cheap on our site!

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