A heartfelt THANK YOU to all who used this site over the past almost 10 years! I never made a lot of money with it, but gladly offered it as a service to fellow pipe smokers & collectors. 
It was fun while it lasted!

Take care, and always a good draw... :)

P.S.: If you would like to take over and/or wish to acquire the domain name, drop me a note at mh (at) elfenwald.org

A heartfelt FUCK YOU to the "Turkish" fake "hackers" (also known as useful idiots of the Imperial "intelligence community"). 

An equally erect middle finger goes to legislative, "law enforcement", webhosters etc. who are very busy hunting and banning thought criminals and dissenters, but do jack shit about actual criminals, spammers, scammers and "hackers", probably because 50% of the time those alleged "hackers" work for them. Get bent!

Why? Because the software our site used (BANS - 'Build a Niche Site") is old and was repeatedly hacked. Rebuilding the site with a more modern solution would be possible, but I do not have the time or the wish to do so - too much work for too little money, and the constant hassle fighting off fake hackers and retarded script kiddies is not worth it.  

is no more.